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Boat Club Membership for Those Living in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Indian Rocks Beach & Neighboring Regions

Why pay for a single boat when you can enjoy many different boats all year ‘round? When you obtain a boat club membership from SunTime Boat Club, you can enjoy the boating lifestyle without the expense or hassle of owning a boat. From pontoon rentals to center consoles and nearly everything in between, our fleet is stacked with some of the best late-model boats for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy.

Boat Club Membership Benefits

A membership at SunTime Boat Club comes with many benefits. Not only can you enjoy a wide range of boats 12 months a year, but you can also experience “walk-on, walk-off” boating where all of the downsides to owning a boat are taken care of for you. Simply schedule your boat rental at the time and date of your choosing and show up! We will handle the rest. And, when you are done enjoying a day out on the water or at our local beaches, you can hop off the boat and leave the cleaning and maintenance to us. Learn more about membership benefits now!
boat club membership

Save Money - A Cost Comparison

Owning a boat is expensive. First, there is the initial down payment - often in the thousands. Next, you will be responsible for monthly payments, maintenance, storage, towing insurance, repairs, and more. In fact, owning even an inexpensive boat can cost you nearly $25,000 in the very first year.

A membership at SunTime Boat Club is much more affordable, and you can take out a different boat for each occasion - including pontoon rentals, center console rentals, deck boat rentals, and more. After an initial membership fee, you will simply pay a monthly maintenance fee and a low-cost towing fee. Better still, you only for the months that you want to boat!

Our club makes it easy to enjoy all that Florida has to offer, and we are conveniently located near some of the best boating areas on the gulf coast. Take a look at our area now to choose your next boating destination.

If you live in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Indian Rocks Beach, or any of the neighboring regions and are looking for pontoon rentals or any other type of boat rental, consider the best boat club membership available in Tampa Bay - at SunTime Boat Club. Contact us today for more information about joining the club and to schedule your first outing.

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